UIGC Securities Pty(Ltd)

UIGCUIGC Securities Pty(Ltd)


UIGC Securities is a security company registered with PSIRA and its PSIRA registration number 2677268

Uigc securities was formed after the university rethink of insourcing all private companies working within the University of Venda. After the University terminate the contract with the private security company which was rendering security services they partially insourced all security staff members to UNIVEN INNOVATIVE GROWTH COMPANY.

Uigc securities since 2016/01/01 took over the university campus and it is rendering security services whereby it protects all staff and students and its valuables. Since the UIGC securities took over there are no unusual incidents which were reported.

The company is rendering service at the university of Venda and have other posts at SIBAS BLOCK Q HOUSES, UNIT D HOUSES, BLOCK F HOUSES AND BAROTA FARM


A security company recognized across south Africa for excellence in security.


Promoting excellence security services in guarding division and through technology.