Supervisory Course

UIGCSupervisory Course

Many organizations today are failing to meet their business objectives as a result of lack of competent supervisors or supervisory training. Supervisors are required in every organisation to usher the organization to success. Supervisors should ensure that their departments/sections produce efficiently using the allocated resources to meet organizational goals, as a result every supervisor need to know the impacts of non-delivery of their department/section to the overall company strategy. This course introduces the fundamental principles of employee monitoring and regulation for efficient production. The course is designed to develop skills required by Supervisors who are authorized to recommend and/or effect hiring, disciplining, promoting, improve production, rewarding, and other associated activities regarding the employees in their departments.

Course Overview
 Principles of Supervision
 Visible Felt Leadership Skills
 Planning and Organizing Skills
 Staffing and Basic Labour Law
 Motivating Team for Production
 Occupational Health and Safety
 Operational Resource Management
 Employee Training and Development
 Time Management and Disciplinary Procedures

NQF Alignment and Credits
 Level 4
 7 Credits
 SAQA Unit Standard 336959

Prerequisite and Duration
 Grade 12
 Three (3) Days

Assessment Strategy
 30% Class Exercises
 40% Mini-Research Project Practical
 30% Group Presentation Practical