Waste management is part of every business operating model in everyday life. The promulgation of the National Environmental Management Waste Act in 2008 and its regulations in 2013 has introduces the stringiest waste legal requirements and waste management exercise has become very expensive. This course is designed to provide waste managers (environmental officers, graduate environmental officer and SHE practitioners) with a detailed knowledge of waste management regulation and practices for legal compliance and cost reduction. Learners completing this course will be able to work as competent waste managers and gain advantage to access better career opportunities as waste management competence has become critical in every business.

Course Overview
 Legislation (National Environmental Management Waste Act and Regulations)
 Waste Management Norms and Standards (Regulation 634 – 636 )
 Overview of the National Waste Management Strategy
 Waste Generation and Storage
 Waste Disposal Techniques
 Waste Management System
 Industrial Waste Management Plan

NQF Alignment and Credits
 Level 5
 20 Credits
 SAQA Unit Standard 264461, 264474 and 264476

Prerequisite and Duration
 Grade 12
 Five (5) Days
 Monday to Friday

Assessment Strategy
 20% Class Exercises
 30% Group Practical
 50% Examination

Price: R8 690