This course is designed for people who are seeking a career as water quality practitioners (e.g. Department of Water Affairs Environmental Officers or Municipal Water Quality Monitors) or people who want to broaden their knowledge on water quality management. The course gives the principles of water quality management with detailed overview of DWAF’s best practice guidelines and the National Water Resource Strategy. After completing this course learners shall understand the principles of water quality management according to the National Water Act 36 of 1998 and gain advantage over others during interviews for water management careers.

Course Overview
 Legislation (National Water Act and Regulations)
 Integrated Water Resource Management (National Water Resource Strategy)
 Impacts of Water Uses on Water Quality ( Section 21 and General Authorizations)
 Catchments and Water Management Areas (New Water Management Areas)
 Water Quality Management (Water Q uality Monitoring Programmes)
 Catchment Management Agencies (CMA’s)

NQF Alignment and Credits
 Level 5
 16 Credits
 SAQA Unit Standard 253959 and 264457

 Grade 12
 Five (5) Days

Assessment Strategy
 20% Class Exercises
 30% Group Practical
 50% Examination

Price: R8 690