Tshakhuma Barotta farm Pty(Ltd)

UIGCTshakhuma Barotta farm Pty(Ltd)


Tshakhuma Barotta UIGC Farm is known as one of the largest reputable farms in Levubu, Limpopo Province, South Africa and is one of 25 farms, which were restituted by the government to the Tshakhuma community in 2005.

Tshakhuma Barotta UIGC Farm  Farm was previously named Barotta Farm. The new name was launched in 2016, with 49 full-time employees, through the partnership of Tshakhuma Community Farms and the reputable UIGC. The Farm operated from 2005 under the Barotta Farm and collapsed in 2015, due to lack of finance and Farm management Skills. The state of the farm resulted in a significant negative impact on the community of Tshakhuma as they mostly relied on the farm for jobs in order to feed their families.


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